Mount Saint Mary's Abbey - Candy House
Wrentham, MA
Daigle Engineers, Inc. was commissioned to provide structural design for a new building, the Candy House, at Mount Saint Mary's Abbey in Wrentham, MA. The new building is the production facility for the Trappistine Candy that the Cistercian Nuns make to support their livelihood. The design also included a new link building and a walkway entrance canopy.

The project involved the design of a 20,000 square foot building, including foundations, composite steel beams with a slab-on-deck, metal stud walls, steel main frames and beams with insulated metal deck. The building is braced by cantilevered steel columns and a combination of moment frames and shear walls. The roof framing consisted of full span steel girder scissor trusses spanning 95 feet. Construction services were an integral part of the project.

The 6 million dollar project was completed in approximately 12 months.

Architect: Architectural Design Concepts

Contractor: Ryan Construction